Six Good SEO Ideas: Making Sense of Google’s Latest SEO Statement

When Google gives you SEO advice, you should take it. The problem is, Google can be vague, which is why I’m here to decipher their messaging and what it means for your site’s SEO. Last week, I wrote an article making sense of the five common SEO mistakes portion of Google’s latest SEO commentary, posted on March 19th on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog.

5 Ways Google Search Plus Your World Impacts SEO

As you probably well know by now, Google struck another blow the other day in the social wars with the launch of Search Plus Your World, their enhanced algorithm for personalization in your SERPs. This change will have far reaching impacts on a variety of things, including SEO. That being said, I’ll discuss the SEO impact of Search Plus Your World as I see it at this point.

5+ Landing Page SEO Tips & Best Practices

Ever wonder if you’re following landing page SEO best practices when building out that nifty new URL on your site? I’ve created some quick-hit tips to help you along when you’re building out a new page on your website or tweaking an existing page on your current website and you really, really want to make sure that you’ve optimized that particular landing page for SEO.

The Google Panda Algorithm Update & How It Affects You

Google has released a new algorithm updated entitled “Panda.” The Google Panda algorithm update, released on 2-24, will impact 12% of U.S. sites and is meant to improve the quality of Google’s results by removing low-quality sites from first-page search results. In the last several weeks, the folks at Google have been quite busy when it comes to improving their algorithm.