Cindy Krum

I connected with Cindy to discuss how she got into the industry, the founding of her company, as well as voice search, speakable structured data, SERP “Fraggles,” working with developers, the importance of supplementing content with videos and audio, the future of SEO with a URL-less web, the challenges of being dyslexic, and much more.

Cindy Krum, Found and CEO of Mobile Moxie

Episode #3: Sal Surra

A discussion with Sal Surra, Senior SEO Strategist at Angie’s List. We talk about how he got into SEO, share tips, talk re-platforming, site speed, and dive headlong into his love for Star Wars and game shows.

Maggie Barr, Content Strategy Director at AmTrust Financial

Episode #4: Maggie Barr

A discussion with Maggie Barr, Content Strategy Director at AmTrust Financial. We discuss how she went from journalism to SEO, talk content strategy, gender diversity in the SEO industry, and much more.