The Page 2 Podcast

A podcast about what it’s really like to be an SEO, with some jaunts into pop-culture and a mob-movie flair.

The #P2P "Family"

I’ve had the privilege to talk with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder of Moz and Sparktoro

Episode #1: Rand Fishkin

A discussion with Rand Fishin, Co-Founder of Moz and Sparktoro. We talk about his time at Moz, the founding of Sparktoro, his book Lost and Founder, and get his thoughts on a range of business and marketing topics.

Zach Chahalis, Senior Technical SEO Manager at Search Discovery

Episode #2: Zach Chahalis

A discussion with Zach Chahalis, Senior SEO Manager at Search Discovery. We talk about how he got into the SEO industry, share technical SEO tips and advice, as well as talk pop-culture, movies and more.

Episode #3: Sal Surra

A discussion with Sal Surra, Senior SEO Strategist at Angie’s List. We talk about how he got into SEO, share tips, talk re-platforming, site speed, and dive headlong into his love for Star Wars and game shows.

Maggie Barr, Content Strategy Director at AmTrust Financial

Episode #4: Maggie Barr

A discussion with Maggie Barr, Content Strategy Director at AmTrust Financial. We discuss how she went from journalism to SEO, talk content strategy, gender diversity in the SEO industry, and much more.

Cindy Krum, Found and CEO of Mobile Moxie

Episode #5: Cindy Krum

A discussion with the Founder and CEO of MobileMoxie. She tells her story, discusses the founding of her company, and we talk voice search, structured data, working with developers, the struggles with dyslexia, and much more.


Episode #6: Nik Ranger

Coming soon! A discussion with Nik Ranger, SEO Specialist at Webfirm.

The Platforms

You can listen to the Page 2 Podcast on the following platforms.

The Segments

The segments combine my love of SEO with my obsession for mob movies.

#1: "The Life"

Guests must explain how they got into SEO, tell their best (and worst) stories, and share their deepest, darkest thoughts about the industry.

#2: "Making Your Bones"

Guests must share a key piece of SEO knowledge, tell us what’s in their tool-belt, and give advice to marketers just getting into the industry.

#3: "Getting Made"

To become part of the #P2P family, guests must share little-know personal facts, discuss pop-culture, movies, music, food, and more.