Thoughts On Changing Domains and Sun-Setting Agent SEO

I’ve done it. I took the plunge and completely changed domains. If you had previously subscribed to via email, your subscription has been carried over. If you hadn’t subscribed, then what are you waiting for?

How To Permanently Remove a URL from Google Search Results (or Keep It Out)

Learn how to remove a URL from Google search results permanently by using Webmaster Tools, the meta noindex, nofollow tag, and robots.txt file exclusions.

Google Penguin Update: Over Optimization, “Negative SEO,” and Achieving SEO Quality

On April 24, 2012, Google launched what is being called their Penguin Update. Per Google, this algorithmic update should impact around 3.1% of search queries and is geared towards punishing pages that have been spamming Google, while promoting “high-quality” sites in their search results.

Google’s 50 Algorithm Changes in March 2012: Which Ones Should SEO’s Pay Attention To?

Every month, Google releases their most recent updates to the search quality features of their algorithm via their Inside Search blog. In March, they released their most recent list of 50 algorithmic search quality changes.

Six Good SEO Ideas: Making Sense of Google’s Latest SEO Statement

When Google gives you SEO advice, you should take it. The problem is, Google can be vague, which is why I’m here to decipher their messaging and what it means for your site’s SEO. Last week, I wrote an article making sense of the five common SEO mistakes portion of Google’s latest SEO commentary, posted […]

Five Common SEO Mistakes: Making Sense of Google’s Latest SEO Statement

SEO observations from Google’s recent statement on Five Common SEO Mistakes, along with practical SEO advice on how to avoid these mistakes.

Blog Placement for SEO: Subdomain vs. Subdirectory (and Other Options)

Learn about the differences in impact between placing a site/blog in a sub-directory versus a sub-domain.

5 Ways Google Search Plus Your World Impacts SEO

I discuss the SEO impact of Google’s Search Plus Your World which places heavy emphasis on Google+ and personalization of search results. There will be many far-reaching effects on both the Social and SEO games. I cover the top 5 things you will need to watch out for with Search Plus Your World in relation to SEO.

Styling Posts by Post-Count Using PHP Conditional Count Script

For my first post of the year, I’m going to show you a little trick I learned using PHP post-count functions to style my Wordpress posts differently based on the post count – i.e. where that post falls in the numbered order (in relation to the other posts).