Interview with Jacob Brown, CEO of Jacob Brown Designs

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I interviewed Jacob Brown, founder and CEO of Jacob Brown Designs, about his thoughts on search, marketing, SEO, and more.

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Today, I have a special guest interview with Jacob Brown, founder and CEO of Jacob Brown Designs. His company centers around SEO, Internet Marketing, and Design.

Jacob is a former star football player at Central Michigan who went on the play in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders. I want to thank him for taking the time to chat with us today, so without further adieu, let’s get this under way!

Q: Tell us about your company, Jacob Brown Designs?

A: Jacob Brown Designs is a Web Design, Internet Marketing, & SEO Company based in Novi, MI (Metro Detroit). We provide several services for online businesses in any industry. As the founder of JBD, we like to categorize ourselves as “The Michigan SEO Experts”, because we firmly believe that we are the best SEO Company in the state of Michigan.

Q: How did you get started in SEO & Design?

A: Well after I reached my dream of making it to the NFL, I moved on to the next goal. I went to college, Central Michigan, for web design & media analysis…and football of course. I’ve always had aspirations to own my own company for web design and marketing…I’m just living that dream out as well.

Now-a-days, in the life of online business, you cannot survive without SEO. I’ve learned over the past few years that SEO is essential to online business and have learned to master some aspects of it as well. If you read my blog, I wrote a post: From NFL to SEO.

This post was to show the comparisons between the two industries. As different as they are, the similarities are astonishing. This is one main reason why SEO was so attractive to me….COMPETITION!

Q: How did your experience in the NFL prepare you for your future as an independent business owner?

A: Football is one of the best tools that prepare anyone for “real life”. You are taught things such as: drive, organizational skills, teamwork, how to handle adversity, & focus. The same drive that I had to reach my football goals has helped me in reaching my professional business goals as well.

Q: What is the future of search?

A: I believe the future of search is uncertain. There are many different search engines trying there best to compete with Google, yet haven’t been successful. Newer and newer social media sites like Twitter are making big booms, but I believe Google is too much of a powerhouse to be overtaken. They seem to buy out anyone who comes along and poses a threat. Google changes everyday it seems, which gives it a newer look. This is what people like and what people like, is usually what stays.

Q: How important is Local SEO?

A: Local SEO to me is very important. There is no way to be recognized nationally without being recognized locally first. A lot of SEO companies try to dominate nationwide without dominating locally first, which is one reason they fail. Start with your community first, then you will spread to the next city, then state, then possibly country.

Q: If you were hiring an SEO, what questions would you ask?

A: First question that I like to ask when hiring an SEO is:

  • What is your definition for SEO?
  • What are some important points of a website that spiders look for while crawling?
  • How important is Social Media to SEO?

Q: Do you think SEO will ever die?

A: I think there is a beginning and an end for everything. With what has been happening with the “Big 3”, I believe anything is possible. I’m just glad that I am at the beginning of this beautiful online era and not at the tail end of it.

Q: Any other thoughts?

I’d like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best of luck in this online fight for the “top spot”.

Thank you Jacob for giving my readers some good nuggets of information…

Jacob Stoops

Jacob Stoops

Long-time SEO and podcast host. Senior Manager at Search Discovery. Husband. Dad. Mob movie aficionado. @jacobstoops