The definitive list of the 51 best free & paid SEO tools (according to me)

My extensive list of the best free and paid SEO tools, as well as some top SEO tools I'd like to try. These SEO tools are truly best-in-class!

As part of an SEO’s day-to-day job, we may be required to perform many functions across a variety of different strategic areas. Like any profession, success or failure may often hinge on having and using the right tools.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are like 18 billion tools out there for the picking. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of my go-to SEO analysis tools, discuss some of my favorite aspects of each, offer insights on where they might be lacking, as well as showcase some cool tools that I’ve not yet tried out (and would love to get my hands on)!

Enterprise-level SEO tools

These enterprise-level tools are some of the top SEO tools on the market today! For the most part, these tools can truly do it all, and in do a great job of taking guess-work out of the equation and have made the job of pinpointing strategic wins and opportunities so much easier.

1. BrightEdge
BrightEdge SEO tools
This is arguably the best enterprise SEO tool on the market, and it does not disappoint. The tool is incredibly robust when it comes to deep dive rank tracking (both at keyword and page-level), competitive analysis, local/universal search, share of voice, opportunity forecasting, and more. There is also some pretty strong workflow management incorporated right into the tool.

My favorite innovation is by far their BrightEdge Data Cube product, which allows you to analyze their robust index of pages/content on an ad hoc basis to truly understand the entire search ecosystem – and not just what you track against.

Additionally, the added benefit is that can integrate most analytics tools right into the platform – which can give you real ROI data on the spot.

Although it does most things adequately enough, this tool could still improve upon link analysis, influencer identification, content marketing strategy, and social analysis.

2. Moz Pro
Moz Pro SEO tools
This tool has all the bells and whistles as well, and again does most things really well. In fact, from a brand-recognition standpoint, it’s arguably more popular than BrighEdge is. The user-interface is top-notch, maybe even best in the industry.

You get the benefit of all of Moz’s great SEO tools, plus the ability to run campaigns. Aside from the basic keyword tracking, you get really great technical site crawl diagnostics and on-site recommendations, social analysis, as well as link analysis.

All that said, I still personally prefer BrightEdge and think it brings more to the table overall, but Moz Pro is a close second.

3. Linkdex
Linkdex SEO tools
This is another very strong and comprehensive tool. Like the others, it does pretty much everything and most of it well. While the keyword analysis is adequate, it doesn’t go as in depth as BrightEdge, nor does it allow you to track universal results such as local.

However, this tool is probably the best among the close competitors when it comes to identifying influencers and developing your content strategy. They also have some nice workfl