7 Things The Godfather Can Teach Us About SEO

The Godfather Trilogy is easily my favorite set of movies of all-time – desert island movies easily. Today, I thought I’d get creative and try to figure out different things that The Godfather movies can teach us about SEO.

Here’s my crack at it:

#1. Orders come from the top down

Much like the Corleone family gives and follows orders from the Top (Vito Corleone) down the the bottom (Willie Chichi), you should approach your SEO campaigns from the Top (Homepage) down (Subpages).

The homepage is your most important page in terms of ranking ability, and should be optimized first. Your subpages should then be tiered out into groups according to distance (or amount of “buffer”) from the homepage. Like the Corleone family, the farther away from the homepage – the less important the page is.

#2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

By this, I mean do your homework on your competition to see what they’re optimizing for, who they’re linking to, etc. You should always be aware of your competitor’s optimization strategies and how they might affect yours.

#3. Whack the rats

Much like Paulie Gatto gets whacked for selling out Vito Corleone – you need to find a strategy to get rid of 404-errors, server errors, dead links, dead images, and anything else that will eventually betray your site’s ranking ability.

#4. Be a man of reason

Give people (and search engines) a reason to read your content (or index it highly). Make it link-worthy. If your content or website is worth talking about, then people will more likely link to you. This in turn gives your site better ranking ability and more traffic.

#5. Become an earner

By setting your Google Analytics (or other analytics account) to record goals and ROI. You can then correlate whether the traffic, conversions, and money coming in are the result of your SEO efforts or somewhere else. Whatever you do, make sure to kick a small tribute up the the Don each week – say 5 points?

#6. Grant a small favor

For a small service to be repayed later. Don’t be afraid to grant favors to those who may want you to do a link exchange, guest post, etc. Remember, a favor can usually be repayed later; and the benefits often outweigh the favor. Why do you think the Don grants so many favors? Because once he does, you’re in his pocket for whatever he wants!

#7. Be loyal to the family

Like Michael says to Fredo, “Don’t ever go against the family again.” You need to ensure that all of your tasks, whether it be SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc. are aligning with the one common goal – which is more traffic, better traffic, and ROI.

I’m sure there are more ways to tie The Godfather movies to SEO, and I welcome you to suggest more ways below! In fact, I’d love to hear them, so please feel free to contribute.

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