Hi, I'm Jacob Stoops

I’m a long-time SEO veteran, podcast host, blogger, designer, dedicated husband and dad, tortured Cleveland sports fan, and a mob-movie lover.

The Page 2 Podcast

A podcast about what it’s really like to be an SEO.

Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder of Moz and Sparktoro

Episode #1: Rand Fishkin

I connected with Rand to talk about everything ranging from his time at Moz, to the founding of Sparktoro, his book, and get his thoughts on a range of business and marketing topics.

Zach Chahalis, Senior Technical SEO Manager at Search Discovery

Episode #2: Zach Chahalis

I sat down with Zach Chahalis, Senior SEO Manager at Search Discovery, to talk about how he got into the SEO industry, share tips and advice, as well as talk pop-culture, movies and more.

Episode #3: Sal Surra

Coming soon. I connect with Sal Surra, Senior SEO Strategist at Angie’s List.

Stay tuned.

The Blog

I talk about SEO, share tips, and provide commentary on industry updates.